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Pure Cocoa Butter

Pure Cocoa Butter

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Cocoa is grown in various communities in the southern part of Ghana. Theobroma cacao, a prime pressed creamy yellow butter from the seed of the Cacao Tree, has the distinct aroma of chocolate. Cocoa butter is an excellent all over the body moisturizer as it acts as an emollient (softening and soothing to the skin) that adds a protective layer that locks in natural moisture. It soothes and softens dry, itchy skin.

The natural emollient, moisturizing and antioxidant characteristics of cocoa butter make it an excellent choice for dry overworked skin. Cocoa butter is often found in products that claim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. In soap, cocoa butter helps make a hard, very moisturizing bar - great for very dry skin.

In hair care, cocoa butter easily absorbs into the hair and imparts sheen. It locks in moisture and helps protect the hair shaft.

Our unrefined, organic cocoa butter has not been bleached or deodorized which ensures that all of its nourishing properties remain intact --plus, it smells good enough to eat!

Ingredients: Raw Pure Cocoa Butter

How To Use: Apply generously all over the body or hair and massage gently until properly absorbed, paying particular attention to elbows and knees. Can be used as a day or night moisturizer or as a lip balm.

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