Great Skincare Begins at Home...

Nana Ama Yankah

"NAYA is not my life's dream, It's my life. I don't envision it, I live it and work it, and stress about it and pray about it. It's not what I always wanted to do, it's what I do. I enjoy every part of it; finding the right ingredients, making great smelling naturally healthy products, packaging, labelling, packing them in store, marketing products online, instore and at events, engaging customers and packaging gifts for all occasions. Oh, and accounting for it to make sure the business is sustainable.

On difficult days, I take solace in the fact that, people are trusting me to create products they will use in their homes with their families or as gifts for their loved ones. I didn't have to study any special courses for most of what I know, I just needed to care enough about creating the best skincare products to take care of myself and you. I learn something new everyday about my my skin and yours, and that challenges me to create better products that are safe, smell good and makes you feel good about yourself. 

I started NAYA about 10 years ago(2010) in my kitchen in Atlanta, GA and moved it to my garage in Ghana in 2014. All I've wanted to do is to create great products that people will love and share. Products with ingredients I will know and that care for the skin. Products that create a sustainable market for the many women who process Shea butter, Black soap and Coconut oil around Ghana. I've been lucky to be able to build a brand that does just that. From my home to yours, Thank you for trusting me and sharing in my journey." 

Nana Ama Yankah 

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