NAYA Brand Values

NAYA is an African clean beauty brand, creating a variety of aromatherapy bath and body care products to care for you. 

At the heart of every product we make is our commitment to improve the lives of women in rural communities in Ghana who process Shea Butter,  Baobab Oil and Black Soap, our passion to encourage STEAM(Science, Technology,  Engineering,  Arts and Math) in African Industry and our love for our Tribe who deserve nothing but the best in bath and body care products and customer service. 

Our Core Values are to consistently

  1. Create Unique Handcrafted Products; inspiring creativity and innovation backed by STEAM, using simple processes in small batches, we create a variety of products that take care of your personal care needs
  2. Be Inspired by Nature; incorporating natural ingredients, fresh scents and aromatherapy in every product so our customer's experience with our products is always memorable
  3. Value Tradition; being respectful of African Culture and People and our relationship with our skin and hair.
  4. Empower Economic Development; through fair-trade partnerships with mothers and grandmothers in various parts of Ghana to use their Shea Butter, Pure Natural Oils and Black Soap as key ingredients in our products, while improving their processes and providing jobs in our communities

We are woman-owned business and mostly women operated. We believe in Africa. We believe in sharing its value with the world. Join our Tribe


 Our Founder

Nana Ama Yankah is the Founder & CEO of NAYA Naturals Limited. An industrious woman with a passion to transform how we think about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and how we can improve the socio-economic lives of people through manufacturing and industry. 



Nana Ama grew up in Ghana and attended Wesley Girls High School, after which she attained a scholarship to study at in the USA. After college, she spent the first 9 years of her career developing technology solutions to manage cost and improve efficiencies for various manufacturing companies. The work introduced her to complex manufacturing processes in various industries and how manufacturing influenced the development of people and communities. 



Her reintroduction to Shea Butter, as a needed commodity in the trending natural hair movement, was a transformational moment that gave birth to the idea of the NAYA Brand. In 2014, she moved back to Ghana and noticed the limited options in locally produced personal care products. Our indigenous Shea Butter and Black Soap which are safe, healthy and effective have been around for generations and used as is with little to no innovation in their finished products. Her passion  is to create unique personal and home care products that people love to use and share. Products that will create jobs, empower people and develop communities. Products that will inspire people to innovate more in Africa. 



Nana Ama graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BBA from Savannah State University in Computer Information Systems and Mathematics and holds an MBA from Emory University’s prestigious Goizueta Business School in Atlanta, GA.