Shea Butter (Hydrate & Heal)

 Our handcrafted shea butter is made by women groups in Bolgatanga and Tamale in the Northern parts of Ghana through a process that has been passed down for generations. The process begins around May when the fruits of the majestic shea trees begin to ripe and fall beneath the shade of the trees. The shea nuts are handpicked, parboiled, and dried in the sun for days. Each nut is then carefully cracked to remove the soft nutritious kernels that will be transformed into shea butter. The kernels are washed, dried, ground into a course powder and then carefully roasted. After cooling, the powder is ground into a rich paste. Through an ancient technique of kneading, churning, and boiling, the paste is transformed into a rich, velvety shea butter. The women's nurturing hands infuse the butter with love and their dedication through this laborious process, makes it a true labour of love. Handmade Shea butter moisturizes, nourishes, and heals the skin and hair. It is safe to eat and very nutritious. The production process brings several women together for days at a time and has become a symbol of resilience, financial empowerment, community, and true sisterhood.


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