Moringa Oil (Nutrient rich & Anti-ageing)

 Moringa oleifera trees are grown in the Eastern, Central Regions and parts of the Bono and Brong Ahafo Regions of Ghana. All parts of the moringa tree – bark, pods, leaves, nuts, seeds, tubers, roots, and flowers – are edible. The green leaves are also a complete protein as they contain all 9 essential amino acids. Moringa leaves contain more vitamin C than oranges, more vitamin A than carrots, and more iron than spinach. Moringa Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of moringa tree, known popularly as the miracle plant. A high-priced oil with lots of antioxidants and skin healthy Vitamins A, C, E, Moringa oil is famous for its anti-aging and skin-nourishing properties. It absorbs easily and deeply into the skin to improve the appearance and radiance of skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In hair care, it hydrates the scalp and conditions and strengthens the hair. Our unrefined moringa oil has not been bleached or deodorized and retains its natural scent, color, and nutritional benefits.

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