Bath & Beauty by Africa...

We set out on a journey to create great products using nature’s finest African oils, butters, fruits, spices and flowers to take care of our everyday beauty needs. Then we realized that nature doesn’t only heal but also provides a range scents and aromas that are as different and unique as our personalities. So we decided to do both, create the finest personal care products in a variety of aromatic scents.

Ghana has a myriad of rich oils and butters such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Baobab Oil, Moringa oil and many plant fruits and extracts that have rich healing and therapeutic properties.



NAYA by Africa begins here, and find inspiration from all over the world incorporating essential oils, spices and plant extracts that makes your daily bath and beauty regimen not only healing, but also nourishing, soothing, refreshing and energizing with pure aromatherapy.    



Our ingredient suppliers are small businesses who care about the procedures that goes into producing quality products. Our partnerships with them ensures that they get a Fair Market Price for the quality of products they produce, as well as continue to grow as we grow.


Our Story…

Passion never dies. It takes a seat in the corner of your memory and nudges you every so often that you are missing something in your life. I have always loved to create things, question the status quo and add color to everything. 

"The dream was inspired at home with my mother, took roots in my Atlanta kitchen and 25 years later, I am back home in Ghana to my first love. "

Our vision is to build a brand that is supported by other growing African businesses. We are partnering with local farmers, manufacturers of butters and oils, scientists, passionate students, and our mothers and grandmothers, who have used generations of trial and error to develop knowledge and expertise about our plants and their health and beauty benefits, and combining that with advanced scientific methods to create good quality market competitive products.

Naya Naturals is here to inspire, motivate and challenge. To share with the world not just the raw state of our resources but how we have used them in our communities, villages and tribes. To encourage the growth and transfer of our “mothers’ passions” through generations. To set a precedence for what is possible when we dream beyond our borders."
We are first, a personal care company focused on using indigenous African raw materials to manufacture alternative skincare and hair care products for the modern African. We research and find solutions to current beauty challenges and develop affordable quality solutions using resources around us. Through this process, we are able to restore confidence in the consumer about product fit, availability and consistent accessibility of our products on the market. Also, by developing finished products using our own agricultural raw materials, we increase their value as export products and provide more skilled jobs for graduates.  Our increased demand for local resources will help grow the businesses of our local Shea and Black Soap producers among others who provide us with raw materials and build the economy as a whole.


Naya is about beauty in self expression

We take pride in being a pure African brand

Not being afraid to be bold or different

We do not go with the status quo, but evolve with time

We create with inspiration from Nature & Tradition

Enjoy the simple pleasures in life...

~Nana Ama Yankah