African Black Soap (Healing Detox)

The Handcrafted African black soap is the only 100% vegan natural soap in the world. It is made with plant oils and plant ashes which gives it its characteristic dark brownish look. There are many types of black soap, and their variations are from how they are made and the types of oils and plant ashes used. The NAYA by Africa black soap base is made with Palm Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, and Cocoa pod ash. We work with a group of women in Bawjiase in the Central region of Ghana, who make 2 types of black soap for us using traditionally unique, handcrafted hot-process methods that take over 12 hours to skilfully complete. The soap they make becomes the base for our Raw Black Soap and Shower Gels. Handcrafted African Black Soap is mild, gentle, and renowned for its detoxifying and antibacterial properties. The soap is versatile and can be used as a body wash, shampoo, facial cleanser, and hand soap. Its vegan detoxifying properties make it a good natural remedy for a variety of skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. The African Black Soap is a powerful reminder of how a community's ancient wisdom and transformative knowledge is passed down from great-grandmothers to their children, and now shared with the world.


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