It's been 6 years since I gave up my employee life and dedicated myself full time to the business of NAYA by Africa. Today, we boast of over 60 products in 8 product lines, 10 amazing employees who mostly had little or no experience and have gone through the learning journey with me. A retail shop(many more to come) that has hosted thousands of amazing people who have become a part of our tribe and continue to trust us with their daily personal care needs. 

The market opportunity we have created for various women's groups, in Ghana, who break their backs every day to make the premium Shea butter, Black Soap and Baobab Oil, for our products, feels immensely rewarding. 

For anyone contemplating moving from employee to entrepreneur, I say take a leap of faith and use all your work and life experiences as a guide. Learn what you don't know, ask a lot of questions and keep moving. A lot of what I have been able to do has been powered by my information systems background, 10 years experience engaging various people, making mistakes and learning as I move forward. The best advice I ever had was, to never stop and I don't plan to. I look forward to the next 6 years of growth.

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