Chapter 6

Chapter 6

I spent my COVID lockdown days cleaning the house and found the business plan presentation for NAYA from the Emory Entrepreneurship Class. I laughed. I hadn't seen it or thought about it in the last 7 years. I have missed the projections by 100 miles, but then again, that business had a $1mil investment that I'm still waiting for. Ghana is a different beast. I spent the first half of 2014 looking for another job and just not finding the right one. Somewhere around March 2014 in a conversation with Ob Abenser, he encouraged me and empowered me without realizing it. He said "but you have a product to sell, if I were you, I'll be promoting it everywhere. In fact, I have an event coming up, why don't you get a booth and sell some products". That night, I went through the garage and found the leftover creams from the Atlanta event 6 months ago. I prayed over the box and got ready for my first Ghana event. I was not ready for what happened next. I sold out. I didn't even realize there was a demand for Shea products in Ghana. Was there? The natural hair revolution was barely noticeable in Ghana. Our hair is too stubborn for the revolution and there were barely any products on the market that catered to Natural Hair. I promoted my products as skincare and between the dry skin and Harmattan woes, there was definitely a market for some scented "Grandma" cream. Yes, people kept referring to Shea butter as, "the cream their grandma used back in the day". It was nostalgic for my customers to see Shea in a form they recognized, yet packaged well and smelling good. I went home happy and ready to start again. But wait...Where do I buy Shea Butter from, in Ghana?

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Great job!!! Go Girl!!! Your products are healthy and joy for me to use.

Charma Dompreh

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