Chapter 5

Chapter 5

After all that noise, you'll think I came to Ghana ready to build, grow and expand. Sorry to break your heart. I didn't even come to Ghana with NAYA in mind. After Emory, I was ready for a new experience in a new city. I started looking for jobs in other states and countries. I found an opportunity in Ghana to develop strategy and revamp small and medium size businesses. Since I had been out of the country for 13 years, I thought it'll be a good way to come back a grown woman and impact. Between the 2 hour traffic drive, each way, morning and evening, the slow pace at which people weren't even trying to reply to your emails, and the waakye breakfast and banku lunches, I was losing my focus, zeal, drive, excitement and starting to sleep early again. I gave my 30 day notice after 30 days of work. Maybe I wasn't built for this, maybe I didn't understand Ghana. I thought about going back to the US, but I had moved everything I ever owned. The shipping container with rest of my personal belongings arrived Dec 31, 2013. After we unloaded everything, we went to church for the watch night. I sat there crying into 2014 wondering what I was going to do with my life, but grateful for a place to sleep and food at my brother's crib.
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