Chapter 4

To beef up my application for Emory, I described myself as a budding entrepreneur. I talked about the products I had developed over the last 3 years and how I hoped the MBA would propel me to become a legit business woman. I had no idea what to expect. I was in a class with seasoned executives from various industries. Part of the requirements of the program was that, I had to keep my full time consulting job. I gave up cable TV, and readjusted my schedule. I left work at exactly 5pm, took a nap till 10pm, studied till 2am, and back to sleep till 6am. After 16 months of this schedule, I am hooked for life. To this day, I barely watch TV and I sleep late. I learnt so much about my personality, skills, insecurities and leadership abilities. I became focused on my goals. My classmates were a wealthy source of business consultants, who critiqued my products, improved my labels and agreed to do a business plan for NAYA as the group project for our Entrepreneurship class. Sept 14, 2013, I did my first promotional event in Atlanta and made $900 in just one day; that was my first time selling the product to strangers and validation for the NAYA brand. Oct 23, 2013, my bags were packed and I was on a flight moving permanently back home to Ghana.
NAYA Emory

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