Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Entrepreneurship is fun. I enjoy my work. I've learned so much about myself and what I'm capable of. The human mind has the capacity to do anything. But that only happens when you do something. Not think it, Not plan it, Just do it. You have no idea how awesome you can be until you start doing things and learning things you've never done before. Sometimes you don't even realize how much you've learnt, until years later. The learning and growing becomes a part of you once you start, and it's seamless.
Everyday, I get to create something that didn't exist the day before, and have a variety of job roles. I am Chemical Engineer when the science of cosmetic production needs to be understood, Production Assistant to make the products, Driver to move around anything or anyone, Supply Chain Manager when we need to buy anything and everything, Accountant for all the money problems, Data Analyst when nothing makes sense, Marketing Manager to understand why we do what we do, Sales Associate to sell the products and collect the money, Customer Service Support to keep customers happy, Web Master when the website needs a tune up, Copywriter when we just can't find the words to say "Shea Butter is good for you", HR Manager to find a helping hand when I can afford it, IT support to keep everyone in a modern paperless world and the best Emotional Support Animal when anyone needs a crying shoulder.
My days usually revolve around several of these jobs and roles and many others. What's not to like about that. These are also all the various jobs I can create over the next few years. Opportunities I am providing for people and society. The entire STEAM(Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics) plus more. What's not to love?
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Please do not publish. I would like to distribute your product in USA. I will be traveling to Ghana this fall. I would like to meet you. The product that my daughter bought last year in your shop still smells fresh and soft to the skin. My name is Charma Dompreh. Please email me when you have the time. I visited your shop this past June.

Charma Dompreh

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