Chapter 2

After I mastered the shea butter production, I needed to sell it. I partnered with a couple of friends, who agreed to sell the products for a commission. A couple of months later, they weren't bringing back my money, so I needed a new plan. I started selling at work and church, but I hated one on one sales. So, I started a website called "My Natural Organics". At this point, I had 2 other products; Lemon Shea Fusion and Orange & Mint Shea Fusion (two of my best sellers to date). I hired a programmer on Elance(not sure if it still exists and paid him by the hour to build it. I figured other small businesses may be having similar problems marketing their products, so I decided to open it up to allow other brands to register and sell their products at a fee. Within a few months, I had 43 businesses registered and I panicked. I panicked because I wasn't sure I knew what I was doing, or had the knowledge and expertise. I doubted myself, so I shut it down. I went back to developing more products and enrolled in the Emory GBS Executive MBA program to learn about business. I did all this while having a full-time consulting job that required me to travel 4 days a week.

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