Chapter 1

Chapter 1

This was my first product; Packaging raw unrefined shea butter. It seems like a simple task but it wasn't. Shea butter will get gritty if not cooled and packaged at the right temperature, or will not harden at all, or may need to be whipped. So I spent several months figuring out the right process to cool down shea butter, while maintaining its original form and function. This happened in my kitchen in Atlanta over 10 years ago and I still use that process today. 

Many people may think it doesn't matter, because it's still shea butter, no matter what form it is in. But I believe presentation matters, and attention to details is a big part of what I do. A lot of brands around the world, are separated merely by how the products are packaged. The look, feel and smell of the products can improve the quality and perception of quality to the customer by 100 fold. Details matter in a crowded market. It takes time and money to develop processes. Those are the foundation blocks that will strengthen your business in the long term.

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