Classic Set in Woven Basket

NAYA by Africa

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A gift box with various variations of three(3) NAYA products in any of our amazing scents -

Option CL1: Bar Soap, 3.5oz Shea Fusion and 4oz Body Oil

Option CL2: 9.8oz Shower Gel, Bar Soap/3.5oz Shea Fusion and a Soft Sponge

Option CL3: 9.8oz Shower Gel, 4oz Body Butter and Bar Soap

Available Scents: Mango, Berry Tropical, Lavender, Lemon Dew, Almond & Chocolate, Mint, Cinnamon & Spice or Unscented collection

NAYA is a naturally African brand, innovatively crafting minimally-processed, organic skin-care & aromatherapy products that enrich & rejuvenate the lives of every person we touch.

Every NAYA product is hand-made in Ghana from the finest local fair-trade raw materials, that are also handcrafted by local artisans.

What inspires us?...

We are inspired by Mother Nature’s rejuvenating essence.

We embody her nurturing spirit in everything we do.

We refresh tradition. We innovate & we craft.

We embrace the essentials & honor the process.

We believe in Africa.

We believe in sharing its value with the world.